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This week's Summer Reading Challenges! (7/12-7/18)

This week's theme is Timeless Tales! We challenge you to...

  1. Remember, you get to count all completed challenges as a "1" on your reading log!

  2. Interview someone older than you. What tales did you hear? Need some help? We have come up with some interview questions for you.

  3. Download our Tall Tale Mad Lib, and see what kinds of silly tales you can create. Send a photo or video of you reading your tall tale to

  4. Enter our tall tale writing contest. Click here for guidelines!

  5. Listen to local legends around the campfire (Monday at 6pm)

  6. Play Minute to Win It online (Tuesday at 4pm)!

  7. Join us for Expecto Pawtronum (Pet Health) Thursday at 6pm!

  8. Make a family tree. Need a template? Click here.

Remember, all our puzzles and activities can be accessed by clicking the following links:

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