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Did you know...? 5 Library Services You May Not Know About

In keeping pace with public

In keeping pace with public library service trends, the Clinton Township Public Library aims to be much, MUCH more than a book warehouse or copy center. What does that mean to you? It means the library offers opportunities for users of all ages to access resources that will help them explore new interests, learn new things, and connect with new people, organizations, or partners. To that end, we have services you may know nothing about.

Let's take care of that right now!

Did you know...

Your Clinton Library owns the technology you need to create your own digital art, audio (podcasts, anyone?), and video works (here's to being the next TikTok celeb!)? Library users may use digital cameras, microphones, iPads and Apple Pencils, drawing tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to create and edit digital media (note: a library card is not required for in-library use). Once your masterpiece is done, share it on your social media account or save it on your USB drive. Your work is yours to keep and use as you like.

Did you know...

Your library hosts clubs for all ages! Love Pokemon? Join other Pokemon fans every month to swap cards and/or play. Love chess? Check out our new Chess Club! Players of all skill levels and ages are welcome!

Did you know...

Your library offers not one but two weekly storytimes for families, with different stories read at each? And the children do not only passively listen to stories, they also sing songs, interact with the stories and each other, and enjoy collaborative group activities such as parachute play. Storytime at the CTPL is an interactive (note the emphasis there) experience to help ready children for preschool and kindergarten while still being appropriate for younger children with brief attention spans and lots of wiggles to wiggle out.

Did you know...

You can check out stuff from the library--not just books? Sure, we have books. If you want a book to read, we are your one-stop shop. You can check out paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks on CDs and ebooks. But now you can also check out and take home board games, wi-fi hotspots, and a variety of STEAM, cultural heritage, and activity kits!

Did you know...

You can search for items on our online catalog by typing a title, author or keyword at the top of the library's Home page or visiting HERE? Then, when you find something you like, you can reserve it and pick it up later, save it on a list so you can reserve it later, or read a summary, reviews, and find read-a-likes?

So there you have it! Five library services you may (or may not) know about. What it all boils down is this: now more than ever, there's a reason to visit your library!

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