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Diverse Reads for Children and Teens

At the Clinton Township Public Library, everyone is welcome! And LGBTQIA-positive books offer something to every reader, especially young readers and teens. It's important for youngsters to be able to see themselves and the people they love in the books they read. For some, they may struggle to find books that reflect their experience because they come from a home that doesn't fit traditional stereotypes, and for others, it may be because they themselves don't fit traditional stereotypes. But one thing is for certain: for all young people books are a window into the diverse lives and experiences of the world around them, and they can help children understand and respect family dynamics outside of their own.

Below we offer a brief list of books for young people of all ages that reflect the diversity of the world in which they will learn, work, and explore throughout their lives.

Click on the covers to learn more or request a copy to check out. Or CLICK HERE TO BROWSE the catalog.

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