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8 Ways to celebrate Women's History Month

Women have been making history since the beginning of time. Women athletes, scientists, CEOs, attorneys, authors, teachers, world leaders, and more have soared through the skies, solved great mysteries, saved lives, and inspired generations of young people to do even more extraordinary things. March, nationally recognized as Women's History Month, is a great time to learn about the trailblazing women who have made our world a better place.

What can you do to recognize the many accomplishments of women today? We've generated a short list to get you started. What you do next is up to you!

Read a book written by a female author.

Support a local female-owned business.

Visit a Women's History museum exhibit in person or online.

Listen to a podcast hosted by a woman.

Research current issues that are important to women and take action.

Support a local female-run nonprofit.

Read about a woman whose accomplishments inspire you.

Write a letter to your local, state, or national female political representative.

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