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5 Reasons why Summer Reading is Awesome for Everyone

Updated: May 25, 2021

  1. Summer reading is fun for EVERYONE! It doesn’t matter how old you are; anyone can join the CTPL summer reading program! There are fun activities, programs, and challenges for folks of all ages - babies, kids, teens, and adults. Don't have internet access at home? No problem! This year's program is super-simple and doesn't require the internet.

  2. Prizes, prizes, prizes! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, this year's prizes are phenomenal! Children can save their Summer Reading bucks to buy the prize of their choice; teens and adults complete a series of 3 challenges to enter their name in drawings for the prizes they want to win.

  3. Registering and participating is E-A-S-Y! To register, families with children have a simple form to fill out. Children track their participation with bingo cards. For teens and adults, it's as simple as picking up a bookmark, completing the challenges and filling out the information, and turning it in to enter the drawing.

  4. It's steamy out there. When the sun is sizzling, what’s better than finding a cool spot to read in the shade, by the pool, or in an air-conditioned room? We say nothing. Except...maybe eating ice cream while you sit poolside, reading a book.

  5. Summer isn't as fun as you might think Research has shown that at the end of summer vacation many students score lower on standardized tests than they do on the same tests at the beginning. Summer reading programs help kids stay on track for a great start to the next school year. So there you have it! Five reasons why Summer Reading is for YOU! Registration starts June 12, 2021 at SummerFest (look for the red Lenawee County Great Start tents at Tate Park). Won't be at SummerFest this year or need more information? That's okay! Just come in the library June 12 or later (during regular library hours) to pick up your packet!

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