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How to run reports...

Institutional Overdues- minimum days: 45

Our items that are on loan to a different library.

Returned Too Long- minimum days: 30

Items that were on loan to our patrons. We already sent the item back. It either was not received or not checked in at the lending library.

Screenshot (84).png

Items requested from us that have not been sent yet.

Paged Too Long- minimum days: 5
Requested Too Long- minimum days: 10

Items that were requested by our patrons. Request has not yet been fulfilled.

In Transit Too Long- minimum days: 15

Items that our patrons requested. Item was shipped to us but we have not yet received it.

Received Too Long- minimum days: 10

Items that our patrons requested. It is still waiting for the patron to check it out.


1. Select report you choose to run

2. Set the minimum number of days using the guide above

3. "prepare" report. Send to e-mail

4. Send an e-mail to the contact person  using the Reports E-mail Templates

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