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Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and get ready to go on an adventure!


Follow the clues to find hidden superheroes on the website.

When you find a superhero, click on it to get a secret letter.

When you've found all 10 of the letters, unscramble the letters to get the secret phrase!

Tell the secret phrase to a CTPL staff member and receive a prize!

"Books are     _ _ _         _ _ _ _ _ _ _  of the soul ."

Clues are in no particular order. Feel free to browse the website without using the clues, but if you're struggling to find all 10 superheroes, these clues will help

1. The library loves to receive donations. Where can you go to see what we could use more of?
2. We always have lots of stuff going on at the library! Find the page that shows you what we have going on.
3. Can't find what you're looking for? Find the form that allows you to request we make a purchase!
4. "My kids are bored! Where can I find them some cool websites to keep busy?"
5. Want to volunteer? Join the Friends of the Clinton Township Public Library!

6. Did you know we have a wide collection of e-books that you can read on-the-go? Find the page that teaches you how to do it!

7." I have children in 6-12th grade... Where can I find helpful tips and tricks for them?"

8. We are librarians, not authors... but we do try to make our Blogs fun to read!

9. "I missed the latest board meeting!" Where can you find the minutes of past meetings?

10. Do you love to read? Come visit the Friends of the Library book sales! Find the dates of the upcoming sales.

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